warfarin (coumadin) 5 mg a day Choosing the best keyword tool is essentially more important than finding the “right keyword” for your web page.

magnesium lowers blood sugar If ever you want to get your website noticed and ranked high by the search engines, you definitely should read this page to the end.

durata effetto suboxone The first few paragraphs cover what most Internet marketers already know.  It’s no big deal. However, it’s good to have a quick look at the critical factors regarding keyword research and selection. This is where a proper keyword selector tool comes in.  The question remains – which one is the best keyword tool?

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tamiflu cbip exam Only a small percentage of Internet marketers actually have a good keyword selector tool that allows them to do proper keyword analysis.  This is why most actually end up missing the target and giving up on their dreams of becoming a successful Internet marketer. After a few weeks or months of not getting any traffic, they end up quitting. They do not realize that the simple steps of purchasing the right keyword tool and by doing just a little extra work, they could have had their website on the first page of search engines’ results.

lansoprazole 30 mg indication Keyword tools are not created equally – some are better than others.  Having that said, one must understand that every marketer has different needs; therefore it is difficult to point out which keyword selector tool is really the best.  Especially so when one wants to optimize your web page for free search engine traffic, particularly Google.

intermezzo hellemmes volley Most keyword selector tools have the following in common:

  • You type in the “seed” word, or high level keyword or key phrase you want to research
  • It will come up with a huge list of possible keywords or key phrases that’s related to the seed word
  • You should be able to weed out unwanted or unrelated keywords
  • You can determine the number of searches per day / month performed for each keyword
  • You should be able to find an indication of the strength of search engine competition for each particular keyword
  • You should be able to see the number of back links for well ranked sites you are competing against (top 10 sites for that keyword)

Most keyword selector tools have many other add-on facilities which all try and help the user to pin-point the best keyword.

che cos è diazepam Thoroughly analyze your competition

One really critical element in selecting the right keywords for your web page should be to analyze exactly what competition you are up to.  This is where a high-muscled keyword selector tool comes to play.
All keyword selector tools will point out the number of competing web pages for your particular keyword or key phrase. But just how many details are revealed?

Get this critical step in keyword research wrong, and you’re out in the dark forever!

vimovo fachinfo arzneimittel To understand this issue fully, look at this example.

In my research for a particular keyword, I used Micro Niche Finder (MNF), a fairly well known keyword tool.  For the specific keyword, MNF indicated that the keyword analyzed was an excellent choice, with fairly high number of monthly searches, relative low competition and relative low back links.  Bingo!

When the same word was analyzed with Market Samurai (to my mind the best keyword selector tool), it revealed that this is definitely not such a great keyword, despite the fact that:

  • The keyword recorded nearly 6,200 exact phrase searches per month
  • The keyword had very low competition (the number of websites it competed against (10,450)
  • Bingo?

nexavar bclc daily No, definitely not!

diflucan itching skin Market Samurai SEO Competition module revealed the following off-page SEO facts:

  • All top 10 sites were high PR-ranking sites (all above PR4)
  • All were aged domains of 4 years and older
  • All had a huge pile of back links (1,600 and upwards)
  • 4 of the  top 10 sites were listed in the DMOZ Directory
  • 6 of the top 10 sites were listed in the Yahoo Directory

It is a well known fact that off-page SEO has become a lot more important than on-page SEO (title, description tags, keywords tags etc.)

So, do not take shortcuts when it comes to keyword analysis!  Only Market Samurai can sniff out all these hidden facts and produce it on an easy to read, easy to understand matrix, saving you lots of tears and hair-pulling exercises!